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About Swapnice

Swapnice is a technology company based in Chicago.

We work to design, create, and implement technology in creative and unique ways. The easy road is never an option for us, which is why we deliver such outside-of-the-box solutions for common problems. Our philosophy is that every object has a story. Our measurement for success is making that story heard.

Our Early Days

It started with a question: “Name one thing in the world that can’t be negotiated,” exclaimed D’Angelo at a local Chicago bar in August, 2021. Conrad jumped in the conversation and gave his take. “I believe everything is negotiable, and I actually created a marketplace where people can barter and exchange collectibles safely. It’s called Swapnice.” Conrad invited D’Angelo to 1871, an accelerator in Merchandise Mart, and they started collaborating on the future of physical objects.

In the years since, Swapnice has grown and evolved into a unique and quickly-growing startup in Chicago. As we traveled around the country validating our concept, we began to see that every object has a unique story to tell. Whether it's a piece of fine art, a rare antique, or a signature pool cue, every object has a history and a soul waiting to be discovered. We strive to stay unique and conscientious of our impact on the environment, producing deeply memorable and soulful merchandise. You can find us in Chicago and if the product is right, we’d love to work together.

The Founders

Conrad Lippert-Zajaczkowski

Conrad Lippert-Zajaczkowski - CEO & Founder

Conrad has industry-leading experience in software engineering bringing data platforms to life. With a lifelong passion for collectibles and a vision for the future, Conrad is leading the charge in creating a new paradigm for personified interactive goods.

With his technical expertise and entrepreneurial spirit, Conrad is well-positioned to lead Swapnice to the forefront of industry. Whether he's developing new products, analyzing data, or collaborating with partners, Conrad is always striving to push the state-of-the-art and make the world a friendlier place and more connected place.

Pando Oberto-Besso

D'Angelo Pando - COO & Co-Founder

A passionate, caring, and innovative leader, who turned his love of guitar collecting and organizing on the Bernie Sanders campaign into a mission to change the way people understand ownership and value. He is a change-agent who inspires to create a more equitable world through technology. He manages day-to-day operations, builds a supportive community, and evangelizes his Swapnice Story.

Jasper Oliver

Jasper Oliver - CFO & Co-Founder

Jasper is our critical thinking, artistic, and highly effective decision making entrepenuer. He has lead a careering optimizing operations for different firms such as the Chicago Transit Authority and J.P. Morgan Chase. He is passionate about collectibles, formula 1, and designer fashion, with a specific emphasis on making highly informed portfolio decisions regarding his collection.

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