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Swapnice - Swap Badges

The Swap Badge

The Swap Badge

Our tappable tamper-proof NFC stickers save info directly on the item, give your item a life of their own, and connect it to a virtual community.

Interact with Stuff

Using Swapnice, you will be able to connect to your stuff via tapping and holding. Now, only your credentials can access your stuff's memories, data, and interactions.

How it works

AES-128 Encryption

Our badges use military-grade encryption with total security to make sure only the owner can access the data on-board.

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SwapApp Store

Swap Apps let you customize your stuff digitally, order services, and interact with app makers, businesses, and more!

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Physical+ Assets

Increase the value of your collectibles. Build item history, add item's experiences, and unleash your collectibles.

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Nice People

Swapnice is all about honesty and nice interactions. In our community, everyone is verified, so you’re dealing with real people. Treat them nicely!

Nice Platform

Swapnice is held to passionately high standards. If you have any issues or suggestions, please contact us at our community forum.our community forum.

Nice Practices

Privacy is central to us and our community. Therefore, we have three unchangeable standards:

We defend our community from wrongdoing

User verification is the best way to maintain a safe marketplace

Personal information stays protected, never exploited, and never sold